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Hi Anuj! We've just started our overhaul with a new UX and curated hotel recommendations based on the user's specific travel profile. Still lots more to come, so please send feedback to for features you'd like to see.
Added to my Earning/Tracking Miles & Point collection:
Would love to hear more about what's new in Traxo that it's showed up on PH (no secret Traxo's been around for years).
This looks awesome. Although I'm very skeptical of giving my username/password for a lot of my accounts directly to Traxo. I understand a lot of them don't have OAuth connections or APIs like Facebook/Foursquare, but can you let me enter the account details myself to keep track of balances?
Hey Nikunj -- thanks for the feedback! We don't have that feature yet, but it's a common request. We have a few other things in the product pipeline that will help on this front for tracking account details both manually and on an automated basis. You can always forward your booking confirmation emails to to track your travel plans, if you'd rather not use the auto-harvest function (which is similar to Yodlee or