Travlr (iOS)

Where have you been? Personal scratch map, and bucket list.

#5 Product of the DayJune 09, 2019
- Mark countries that you have visited
- Add your flights to see where and how you have flown
- Create a country wish list to easier pick your next trip
- Profile screen with statistics
André de Moraes
David Domingues
Patrik Berglund
Just released on the Apple AppStore! I made the app for my own usage as I travel a lot and want to track and see where I've been. I have a physical scratch map on my wall, but now also in an app :) Also, it works offline when you're in an airplane, or just not having a phone connection abroad :) [ANDROID] Coming later this month!
@frexuz can you let us know once the Android version is ready? :O
@anna_0x definitely! I'm hoping within 2 weeks! :)
Good idea. Need this for Android, please!
@sunilc_ Coming in 1-2 weeks! :D
Cool app. I use Tripit to organize my flight itineraries and there is a cool feature where it tells you how much you've flown in a year, how many cities, and countries you have been too. Wish I could integrate my TripIt data with your app because I have 10 years of flights in there.
@parag_r Hi. I actually have TripIt integration on the todo list. But I wanted to release this version first :) Maybe later this year!
@parag_r @frexuz +1 for TripIt import!
Great product! Love the historic flight visualisations 👍
Why the download link to App Store is a Never Gonna Give You Up video? Are you kidding me?
@frexuz Actually Heber is right, the App Store link on your website is for Never Gonna Give You Up video
@meshoo12 Interesting... Maybe because my link linked to the Hong Kong store. I assumed it would work for anyone, but it probably redirected you to the frontpage of the app store :P I'll update the post to the US store link: Thanks for the report.
@frexuz 👍 All good now and good luck man!