Create animated bird's eye view video of your travel on maps

Traverous creates animated bird's eye view videos of your trips on maps in simple 3 steps:
1) Record your route (with GPS)
2) Add photos, videos, notes, and check-ins
3) Review and upload your journey
and Voila! An animated story of your trip will be ready.
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17 Reviews5.0/5
Have an upcoming trip. Looking forward to trying this out!

Great product, will use again. Very happy with final product produced and ease of use. Used for a month in Italy in January, fantastic.


Set and forget simple travel diary great for real time navigation in cities


Can loose gps lock inside.

We traveled a lot and felt that there was no effective way to revisit and share travel experiences. No matter how you explain, the other person cannot visualize how adventurous your trip has been. And to relive your travel memories, simple photos and videos fail to represent the whole journey. With Bird's-eye view video, you can actually see the scenery that is otherwise not capture-able with your camera.
@emad_ehsan wow, that's some impressive work right there. congrats on the launch!
bindaasss app
Nice. Can I download the video?
@basit850 Yes! You can download your travel videos and also share the Web link like this: