@corleyh Hello there, first of all we are extremely happy to launching @producthunt Now for your question. We aim to become a traveller’s companion guide which will provide assistance throughout the journey lifecycle. The journey lifecycle is divided in 5 steps: Dreaming, Searching, Booking, Experience and Sharing. Thus, any feature that we create has to fit in one of these steps. On the first release of @travelplanet24 we aim to provide a seamless search and booking process as possible, this was achieved by implementing Material design under google design guidelines, which we believe is intuitive by default, giving the users a seamless browsing experience! Additionally on the first release we implemented features for the booking step, where a user is able to view his bookings, add Them to calendar, perform online Check-in and also is able to import any bookings that was made from any other device source of travelplanet24 brand. Stay tuned because we have some amazing things coming on the next few months!
@tnsrig - what differentiates Travelplanet24 from other travel booking apps?