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This aggregator of top travel blogs is interesting for consumers but indispensable for bloggers and marketers. Travel Often is a great collection of the top travel blogs, with key stats including time on site and traffic sources highlighted. I'm using it to find new audiences for @hitlist_app and new sources of inspiration for my own travels!
Thanks for hunting #TravelOften @gillianim As you said, we wanted to offer to the public a way to browse through the best travel content and to offer travel bloggers a tool to compare with other publishers as well as to share tips on how to best monetize and acquire readers. We would love to get feedback on how to enrich this!
I love your hustle
Thats a lot of travel bogs, my tabs just tripled.
@idmtr Thanks Dimitar. That's the idea!
Great idea Pierre and Damian!
This is a great site....but what's going on, is it no longer live? The site just stopped loading a week or so ago, will it be coming back online?