Departure city + budget = monthly email with flight offers

TravelOffers sends you a monthly email with flight offers that will really interest you.

Enter your city of departure and budget, and we'll email you offers tailored to your needs. Oh, and it's totally free!

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🤩Hi guys! I'm really happy to share my new project, TravelOffers. 🧐What is it? I try to travel every month to discover a new city or to visit friends. But obviously I don't have unlimited resources for that so I have a monthly budget to buy plane tickets. Before I lost tons of hour checking flight search engines to find offers that really fit my needs. So I wanted a service that would send me these offers by email every month and since it didn't exist, here it is :) 🤓Who is behind TravelOffers? Me :) As you can see on my ProductHunt profile, I already launched (a service that sends you a SMS when you visit a city with 3 things to do, see and taste there). I'm also a PMM at iAdvize and a (small) investor at Numa, Revolut, Monzo and Clever Cloud. I'm working with Julien Crestin ( on this project. He is developer at EP and we were previously working together at Bringr and iAdvize. 🤑Do you make money with that? First, the service is free. You enter your city of departure, your maximum budget and your email address, and you'll receive offers really tailored to your needs for free. We earn a small fee on every tickets you will be from these emails. Also, we have a Premium list with even better offers (even if the free email is already full of offers corresponding to your criteria). 😮What are the next steps? Well, we first want to have your feedbacks and see if you like it :) Then, we have ideas for new features but we really want TravelOffers to be useful for you and we will prioritize features you'll ask. 😍Can't wait to read your feedback and to answer to your questions!
@juliendangers @simonrobic This is an intriguing concept for sure, I think it would also be cool to let people discover trips they can do within their country of residence... there could be some really cool and accessible undiscovered spots. As for feedback, just tried to sign up twice in Firefox on a 2017 MacBook Pro and received a pop up saying error.
@abadesi yes, we’re correcting the error :) we have all the subscriptions, we’ll validate them in a few minutes. About your suggestion, you’ll also get internal flights in the email, not only international ones :) thanks for your feedback!
Great job!! 😊 Will check it out
@ayush_chandra Thanks! Feel free if you have any feedback!
Do you recommend flights only from affiliate platforms or from all kind of webs? Good job!
@genteinvencible yes from affiliate platform :)
Got an error when I tried it. Looks like a service I would use.
@bcf_ant You entered a city name instead of a budget :)
@simonrobic Oops :) very early over here.
The pricing need to mention in $ or Euros? And as for as city, will it take any city or do you have list of cities, similar to your other site -
@ukiran_2 Hi :) $ and € work :) And any city will work too :)