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Marco Graf
Maker of Sleekplan
Hey hunters! First, thanks so much to @kwdinc for the hunt :) Let my briefly explain Traveloca. You may know the following problem: All of your trips are associated with unforgettable experiences, adventures and memories. But in no time, the memories begin to fade away. Photos and videos are stored somewhere on hard disks or in the cloud. However, this may not leave a lasting memory. That’s why I started Traveloca. My goal was to provide a simple way to share, capture and organize all those awesome travel moments as they happen. Regardless of whether you would like to make it public or private, individual or standardized. Share nearly every aspect of your trip. Just use your photos or videos to create galleries and write some words about your impressions. It’s also possible to assign locations to any of your stories, photos or videos and let Traveloca create itineraries for you. You can simply use it together as a group or alone from wherever you are, online and offline. However, with Traveloca I want to combine the best of two worlds – “social networks” and “blog hosting services”. You can follow, like and comment other trips, get in touch with travelers around you or let yourself get inspired by thousands of public stories published by Travelocians all over the world. With Traveloca, you have the possibility to look back at all your past trips at any time you want. So you could say, Traveloca is your personal box full of memories that you can fill and shape according to your taste. Beside improving existing features, there are still many ideas on my roadmap how to make it better and easier to share, capture and plan trips. I hope you like it - all feedback is welcome. Feel free to ask me anything :)
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sielayFounder SIELAY, LeadDev @enigmamarketing
Devils advocate question. How different to #wayn