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Ryan Hanly — Co-founder of travel app Travello
Hi Everyone,
Ryan Hanly here, co-founder of Travello - a social network for travellers. Travello is the easiest and most efficient way to connect with travellers in a current or future destination. One of the best things about travelling is meeting people - and we figured there had to be a better way. So we made it!

Travello really solves a key paint point for travellers ie How do I meet new travellers in a new destination? Within seconds of downloading the app you can connect with travellers around you or add your travel plans and connect with travellers heading to the same destination as you! There's a range of ways to interact on the app from direct messaging, interacting on the Noticeboard or creating/joining traveller made meetups. It's really a community app and that is our core focus at the moment.

Happy to answer any questions you may have about the product and future of Travello. Check us out for free on iPhone and Android.
Scott Rogers — founder, opensoda
@ryanhanly - well done guys
Illya Bakurov — Co-Founder of @Sight
@ryanhanly Nice job! Was looking to develop similar social network, because there is the lack of the ways for people to get connected and travel together. Really excited to see how you grow!
Drew Meyers — Co-Founder, Horizon
@illya_bakurov @ryanhanly I played with the app early on, and just downloaded it again after seeing this post (which I see is a couple months old now).

Connecting travelers is a space I've thought a lot about, and built two apps to attempt to solve. Upon login, you have a decent number of people in Seattle where I live, where are travelers finding this? Who are these people? What's the common reason they are all showing up? Should I message them about dating? Meeting up? Travel advice? Their past travels? Going on a tour?

What's the noticeboard? Why wouldn't I go post a discussion thread in a fb group I already belong to, and where I know tons of people (who I'm connected to) will see it?

I believe you need a strong "why" to set context. I'm happy to chat further if you'd like. drew at horizonapp co
Neeraj Thakur — Marketer |
Discover and connect with other like-minded travelers, no matter what type of traveler you are,
Ryan Hanly — Co-founder of travel app Travello
@neerajt4 Appreciate the hunt Neeraj! :)
Neeraj Thakur — Marketer |
@ryanhanly All the best! :)
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