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Travelistly is a curated collection of the very best travel stories and documentaries from around the world.

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Thank you Product Hunt for featuring Travelistly again. Hello hunters! It's been a while since I last released Travelistly to the world and I've been working hard on improving the app ever since. I'm incredibly excited to announce Travelistly 2.0, a much more refined experience of discovering travel content. Here are some new things you can play around with: - New Design. Cleaner, more interactive and extra delightful to use. - New subtle animation everywhere, voting buttons, navigating etc. - A Weekly Digest that deliver a list of the top ten most popular travel content that week so you don't have to scour the internet for it. - "I'm Feeling Lucky" feature, accessible via the new search bar at the top will allow you to find random but amazing travel content to feed your wanderlust. - "Theatre mode" for travel videos allows you to immerse yourself in the travel video you are watching. - Easily bookmark travel stories with our dedicated bookmark button. You can collect stories you want to read for later with a single click - A sidebar for better discovery of content on Travelistly. You can also access your bookmarks easily from the sidebar. - Related Stories where you can continue to discover new travel content without having to leave the page. Simply click load more to discover even more related stories! - Faster overall performance - You can now swipe stories tinder style on our mobile site. - and many more! What do you think? I would love to hear your feedback! If you have any questions, do let me know. :)
@peachananr Nice work! Great to see your progress on this
@nzieber Thank you Nick! Any feedback is much appreciated! :)
@peachananr I haven't used the product yet but I just felt the need to say that I loved the logo ๐Ÿ˜
@as_austin Thank you! Let me know how it goes with the app. :D
@peachananr Just tried to upload a story and get and error "Enter location" and then an error "Internal Server error"
Great idea! Is there an app for iOS too? I found only android version.
@k_vrbova Thank you Kristyna. Glad you like the app. iOS is currently under way. In the mean time, you can try visiting the mobile version of the site. We've worked hard on making the experience of our website on mobile as native as possible. Let me know what you think about the mobile site. :)
Wow, its really nice. I love the stories from all over the world with topics like food, hiking, etc - . Really amazing. bookmarked it immediately ;-)
@macclabs Thank you Carmen. We are going to expand on our tag feature to include more tags such as food and hiking rather than just location soon so stay tuned. :) If you have any suggestion, please do let me know any time.
I love this site! I really like the fact that is a curation of genuine travel stories. @peachananr what are you planning for the future of travelisty apart from releasing the app for iOS?
@jlhernando Thank you Jose! Yes, we are really serious about providing a platform for good genuine content to get noticed so I'm really glad you think so too. :) My ultimate vision for Travelistly would be turn the platform into a go-to place for anything related to authentic travel content and stay away from sponsored content, or content created for the purpose of driving people to their businesses without providing any value (tour companies and resorts and such). Right now, we are simply focusing on building an engaging community of travelers who likes to create content and facilitate them as much as we can. :)
I love this idea. A great way to create a community among travelers.
@donte_ll Thank you Donte! That's what I'm planning to do with Travelistly. Not just travelers but travelers who also love to create content, may it be blog posts or videos. :)