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#2 Product of the DayMay 14, 2014
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Thank you for featuring Travelistly! :) I hope you guys like it.
Hey @peachananr! I particularly like the search aspect. I can browse traveler blogs and videos based on locations I'm visiting or would like to tour. What's the backstory behind this? It has a nice tie-in w/ BucketListly but it's a very different product.
@peachananr @rrhoover -- the similarities here with PH are pretty uncanny...just a coincidence? or who inspired whom??!
@rrhoover @msaint The concept of Travelistly and PH is the same which I believe it's because we drew the inspiration from the likes of Reddit, Quora and HackerNews. If you are referring to how the list looks and how upvote/downvote functioned than it is similar but it's a proven pattern from the success of those websites I mentioned. If you look deeper though, you will realize that both are totally different.
@rrhoover @peachananr well both sites look great :) And I'm a big fan of the rebirth of the 90's web forum (with vastly improved UX) taking place in many verticals. Some of the "old school" forums are still hugely popular, like, and many others. Much like forum tech became commonly available, I'd be curious to see if engines like the ones behind PH and Travelisty will be made open source, for different communities to take advantage of for any number of shared interests.
@rrhoover @msaint Haha. Thanks man! That does sound like an awesome idea although, it will need a hell lot a work to make and maintain an open source project. I have few free open source plugins I can barely maintain at this point. :) I'll keep that in mind though. I agree, it's time to replace the old forum approach.
@rrhoover Thanks man! The idea came from when I was planning to travel to ZhangJiaJie in China and there were no easy way for me to search for an English blog posts written by real travelers, not by some tour companies who are trying to compete in their rankings. I decided to build Travelistly to help bloggers reach travelers like me better and in turn direct me to an authentic content without me having to go through all those tour websites. Since we are moving BucketListly's focus onto a travel industry, I think Travelistly can be a great jumping point to actually accomplish your bucket list goals, but Travelistly has now evolved into its own business and so the tie in maybe a little less obvious. :)
I didn't realize you were focusing on Travel. The discovery aspect of this has some similarities (albeit, it's a much different product) as Hitlist. P.S. if you don't know @daveambrose, you guys should chat. He's our resident travel expert. :)