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Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
I'm a fan of lean-back TV (Digg TV is another recent launch). Options are good but sometimes it takes too much effort to dig through YouTube, cable TV, and other programming to find something good to watch. @peachananar - it would be nice if you overlayed the location each video was captured from. I could imagine a neat worldmap or globe animation that zooms into a specific locale, emphasizing the "transportation" aspect of Travelistly TV.
Pete R.
Pete R.Hunter@peachananr · Founder of BucketListly
@peachananar @rrhoover Thanks for the suggestion man! That would be an awesome transition animation between each video! I also hate digging through YT for travel videos. Vimeo made it a little easier but still, it's not travel-focused. Travelistly TV is focused purely on giving viewers major wanderlust. I've longed for a day when I can go back on the road, but this will do for now. :D Glad you like the concept.
Pete R.
Pete R.Hunter@peachananr · Founder of BucketListly
Just added 2 new channels to Travelistly TV, the most popular videos of all time and Staff Picks for an even more serious wanderlust ;)