Travelistly for Android

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The first Android app I have ever created. Travelistly for Android unlocked the ability to discover, save and share travel content on the go. With the high quality travel blog posts and videos that are being curated on Travelistly web app daily, you can tap into that pool on the go with Travelistly Android. You can also save travel content offline so that you can access them when you are abroad with ease. The purpose of the app is to allow you to plan your trip with Travelistly while being able to access them anytime without an Internet connection. As an avid solo traveler myself, this had helped me a lot when I was in Vietnam. I simply whipped out my phone, access the offline bookmarks and get a recommendation on restaurants in Hoi An in central Vietnam that I had read on Travelistly. I hope you guys like it!
Looks great - do you have plans to make it for iOS too?
@edmoyse Yes! That is coming very soon. :)
Amazing experience for travel lover