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Steph Lawrence
Steph LawrenceMaker@stepholawrence · Co-founder, Traveling Spoon
Hey Product Hunters! I'm Steph, one of the founders of Traveling Spoon. My co-founder and I started Traveling Spoon because we are passionate about creating meaningful travel - we believe that travel can make the world a smaller, better place and want to help travelers have the kinds of experiences that foster those connections. We're really excited to be on Product Hunt and look forward to your suggestions and feedback! We're also happy to offer Hunters a discount - use the promo code PRODUCTHUNT20 for 20% off any Traveling Spoon booking! Thanks for your support and feedback. Happy eating, Steph
Kat Manalac
Kat ManalacHunter@katmanalac · Partner, Y Combinator
Traveling Spoon connects travelers with food experiences in people's homes around the world. You can go foraging for wild vegetables in the hills outside Kyoto, or learn to make dosas from a grandmother in South India. Traveling Spoon's hosts are vetted and all the experiences are private. It's a cool way to experience a home-cooked meal and learn about culinary traditions passed down through generations.
SnapTwice@snaptwiceswan · Founder, SnapTwice
Great concept, Steph and Aashi. What is your timeline to expand into N. America? Thanks and good luck!
Steph Lawrence
Steph LawrenceMaker@stepholawrence · Co-founder, Traveling Spoon
@snaptwiceswan Thanks so much for the kind words! I don't have specifics or a timeline right now, but we definitely have expansion on the horizon and are excited to be connecting with more hosts around the world soon! Thanks for your support.
Jena Wilson
Jena Wilson@jay_jay_wilson
Food and Travel are two things you can't seperate! Great concept :)
Suzy Ryoo
Suzy Ryoo@suzywillow · Atom Factory & Cross Culture Ventures
This is really cool, I would have loved to try it in Mumbai or Dubai or Mexico City over the past two months. No international travel coming up for at least a quarter or two. How's everything going, Steph & Aashi?