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Hello Product Hunt, and thanks to @bentossell for helping us out! I'm Daniel, Cofounder at TravelGap and passionate about building great UX! We started TravelGap with the vision of making it easier for friends to exchange recommendations about places they like. We have travelled around the world and realized, that the first people we usually ask for travel recommendations, are our friends. We loved how easy it is to write someone on Facebook and ask for a tip, but we also found that this used up a lot of our time and didn't really work in the long run, since it was hard to find those recommendations again after some time had passed. Today, we're proud to announce that TravelGap combines some of the greatest features of social networks and travel websites, with a sleek interface that you should expect from a product focussed on content quality. We've chosen iOS as our first destination, and we have a web and Android app planned! It is our first app (we're two students fresh out of Uni in Switzerland) and we have much more things planned for the future, but we believe that this is the best way to start the journey :-) Some of TravelGap’s best features so far: - World map with all of your friends' travel tips + travel tips from international travel bloggers - Create a location-based travel tip within a couple of seconds and share it with all your friends - A personal profile with your tips, bookmarks, friends and the travel bloggers you follow And many more detail-features (e.g. like, bookmark, comment travel tips) of course! If you're interested in checking out TravelGap - get the app directly at - we already have a couple of *****-star reviews!