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So I actually really like this concept. I feel like majority of the ways people find out about really cool events worldwide is through conversations or FB viral videos. Example of some really cool events worldwide that aren't that known are the Full Moon Parties in the Thailand Islands. I would love for listings like that to pop up on a calendar format and generate some creative trips. My issue with this product, you need to get a UI/UX person on asap. It gets the job done, but my eyes kind of hurt just looking through your stuff. So concept, I really like, but there is still amount of work needed to create a nice looking product.
@danny_mcdonald Thanks for your detailed reply Danny. Much appreciated. I agree there needs some improvement on the design.
Leisure travel is about much more than where you're going - it's why you want to go. Travelendar catalogs a number of experiences I'd love to participate in, from Songkran in Thailand (crazy water fight!) to Oktoberfest in Munich (worth it at least once, right?), and makes it easy to find flights/hotels to make those trips a reality.
@gillianim Thank you very much for hunting us. Travelendar (Travel + Calendar) was created as I wanted to know what fun events existed in the world. There wasn't anything out there that had the events listed in a calendar format that allowed users to filter on the date, location etc. The events allow travellers to know when, where and what to see and do. As a result it narrows down your possibilities, which helps when there are so many places to visit on this beautiful planet. The two main features of the website is the travel event calendar and newsletter. Together, these two products will ensure you know what fun events are happening in the world. Don’t be shy and hold back with questions, comments and feedback. Love to hear from all of you!
I wish I had this before the Fyre Festival! 😄 - looks cool, will try it.
@kbclauson Had to google up what the Fyre Festival was hahha. what a mess. glad to have you aboard