Your smart travel concierge on Facebook Messenger

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Theres a quick intro post on Medium "Hello my friend, I’m your Travel Buddy"
Ben, thanks for hunting! Christian, good work!
I'm really impressed with some of the bots, especially in FB messenger - drastically furthering FB value as a social utility, in my eyes - but I testing this one a couple minutes ago & haven't gotten a response... Seems like more work than using a search engine so far.
@elizabethhunker Sorry, had problems. Now solved :) Thanks for testing and for the feedback.
Thanks Ben!. We're just getting started on this =) Hope people like it, and get lot of feedback!
I just went to give it a try with "Show hotels in new york" and then "Show me hotels in New York" but I didn't get a response. Would love to try it out, am I doing something wrong?
@matt_berman Sorry, we had some problems. Fixed now!
@christian_hentschel Yea I just got a reply! One immediate thing that would be nice (I'm still playing around with the product) would be if it would let me be more flexible with dates. I want to say "sometime in october" rather than specific dates. Then, you could give me suggestions like "the last week in October is usually the least expensive".
@matt_berman cool feature :). We'll be adding this kind recommendations soon.
@christian_hentschel That would be great. So often I just want to put in rough dates to see what's available.