Travel restrictions updates for 239 countries and regions

The latest updates on travel restrictions from 239 countries and regions in seven languages.
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Hey hunters, First, thanks @tanyavert for hunting TRAVELBANS! Like many of you, I miss traveling. I miss this feeling of discovering new places and meeting new people. We have created this product with an idea of bringing reliable information to everyone when we start traveling again. TRAVELBANS is a non-commercial platform that delivers full official info on global travel restrictions in every country in the world. The content is updated 24/7 and our telegram bot helps you follow all changes in real-time. We provide official information on: ⛔️ Restrictions on international trips 🛫 News on countries reopening plans 🛂 The requirement of COVID-19 certification ⚠️ Quarantine measures ✈️ Flight routes relaunch Supported languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Russian. I would be grateful if you could take a look at the platform and share your feedback!
Nice site! Information is all really clear and organized nicely. I have a couple comments for feedback: 1) Left-side nav menu could use some UX love. I clicked on 'Europe' and I thought the site was incomplete because the list appears to stop at 'Bosnia & Herzegovina'. It's not apparent the rest of the countries in the list requires scrolling to access. 2) I'd like to subscribe for email updates, but I'd feel better having some assurances about what your plans are with my email address.
@justin_heidenreich Hi Justin! Thank you for your comment. It's really useful 🙏 Left side menu we will improve today. About email subscription noted! On Wednesday - Thursday we plan next upgrade of the web site. We will publish even more information. Also we will work on UX.
I can't wait to be able to travel again and was happy to find all travel restrictions around the world gathered in one place updated daily!
Great site, really something that is helping me with my business, what would be really cool is if we could filter the information for multiple countries that we are interested in, so similar to the all screen, but for selected countries. thanks keep up the good work
@ryan_humphrey actually we are working on this feature right now.
Hi Vladimir! This is the most insightful platform out there covering travel restrictions. I work at The World Travel & Tourism Council. Where is best to reach you at? Thank you!
@vero_mag Hi, Vero! Thank you for your feedback. You may send me email