A smarter expense app, powered by budgets.

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Duke Chung
Founder and CEO of TravelBank
Hi hunters! Today we are very excited to introduce TravelBank to the PH community. We created TravelBank to inspire a culture of predictability and savings; to redefine how employees create expense reports and help companies set the bar for a new generation of expense management. Today there’s a problem with business spend - expenses are unpredictable and sometimes excessive. It’s time to do something different and better. We’re building a smarter solution, powered by budgets, that is simple to use. Now managers can anticipate spend before it happens - instead of waiting for a retroactive overview of expenses. We think tracking expenses should be easy, so we’re giving employees a better experience and quicker reimbursements. We’ve made it easy to capture expenses on-the-go, and we keep users well-informed with our budget bars, shaping user behavior and creating an opportunity for better purchasing decisions. And we know that automating the process will help reduce costs for your business. Saving money is important to you, so we built a mobile-first solution that makes it easy for your employees to do just that. While other companies can help you manage existing business spend, we transform the way employees spend money, creating savings and a new culture around business spend. We know TravelBank will be the expense app your team will love and are sharing it with you and your company for free, for as many users as you’d like.
Josh Constine
Early stage VC@ SignalFire/ex-TechCrunch
Here are my thoughts for TechCrunch on TravelBank Unsexy enterprise problems are often the biggest opportunities as they get less talent and innovation thrown at them. While TravelBank is trying to orchestrate a significant shift in expense behavior, it has a shot thanks to a modern mobile app and incentive structure that highlight how outdated the expense product space is.
Nick HallamProduct strategy and design
@joshconstine well said 😄
David Feng
Co-Founder at Reamaze
This looks like a very attractive solution for SMBs! Congrats and will definitely be giving it a shot. @dukechung @aebsr
Charley Ma
Head of Growth @ Ramp
Congrats on being hunted! What other integrations are you guys planning to build into the product? E.g. anything with Slack? :)
@charleyma Thanks Charley! Great minds think alike. We have some exciting integrations in the pipeline. Stay tuned and thanks for the interest!
Wow this is what my company needs!
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