Goodbye to front packs forever. The Freedom Pack is a packable, anti-theft travel backpack designed to give you peace of mind. Water-resistant, lightweight and safe - it's zips are hidden against your back. Collapses into its built-in pouch to take up minimal footprint in your luggage. It's the ultimate travel hack.

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Hello from Singapore! Thanks for hunting us, @_jacksmith! And nice to meet all of you Product Hunters. We created Travelab because we were tired of working around inferior travel gear. Many of us spend the better part of our years working so that we could enjoy ourselves when traveling, but we noticed that travel can also be tiring, uncertain, and at times frustrating. From pickpockets, to the fear of losing your belongings or leaving something behind - we wanted to create travel gear that would work with you, not against you. Tired from wearing ‘frontpacks’ and seeing one out of every two tourists in Southeast Asia do the same, we decided we would start with The Freedom Pack. GEAR THAT DELIGHTS: 1. Travel specific gear. Designed to work with you, not against you. 2. The highest quality gear. 3. Honest prices. We're delighted to be on Product Hunt and are happy to answer any questions you have! We'll be here all day. Best, Joel
Looks cool! Is it pocket knife-resistant?
Thanks @subhashinim ! We'd use the words rip-resistant, but we won't say it's knife proof. We're using a rip-stop, anti-hydraulic pressure nylon fabric on the exterior. The material's got decent durability that will withstand lateral cuts, but if you're using a tip end of a blade to poke it will puncture under high pressure. With that said, materials marketed as slash proof will also puncture in the same manner, though the pressure required would very likely be a force you'll notice. When selecting the material (which was a really fun yet crazy process trawling through heaps and heaps of fabric suppliers), we kept in mind the packability of the backpack. So thick slash proof material was not possible plus it added significant weight.
It's looking good to travel ! Where we can buy-it ?
Hey @clement_chanut thanks for your interest! We're crowdfunding on Kickstarter now and will deliver in Dec. You can pledge for one here:
Looks cool! what color do you have? pls don't tell me it's only in black :(
Hey @ufo_nguyen it's currently in black but there are many requests on Kickstarter for a colored stretch goal, which we are considering. What color(s) would you like? =)
@joelleong Cool! I like any vibrant outstanding color. As for traveling, I want it to be noticeable as it's harder to lose it and easier to find when it gets lost. In some way it's safer also; imagine you wear this bag go camping or travel in a jungle, isn't it safer for your crew to easily notice you? That's how I usually like for my traveling suitcase too -- harder for anyone to mistakenly take it from the baggage claim belt and it's easier to ask around or look on the camera if it gets lost. hehe
Is it available for India ?
Hey @ayush_chandra thanks for your interest! Yup we're crowdfunding on Kickstarter now and ship worldwide in Dec. You can pledge for one here: