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MakerMVP.com and RemoteYear.com inspired me, so I decided to build Travel with Makers. I want to give the chance to all the Makers to travel for free, meet new people and discover amazing places. It's like a "selfish, generous gift" I want to offer to the PH Makers, and it all comes down to my three main needs: 1. I like to build new things 2. I like to meet new people 3. I like to discover new places I hope you guys will appreciate.
@demoweb_co Cool. I'm definitely a fan of anything that helps people travel with like-minded people...such as Hunters/Makers. See the project I've been working on: http://www.producthunt.com/tech/...
@drewmeyers i think we should talk. Look for me on Slack :)
@demoweb_co Just followed you on Twitter, dm me your email addy and we can find some time.
@drewmeyers sure i dooooo it now
@demoweb_co first impression: this idea is as uncomfortable as AirBnB. Let's hope it goes in the same direction. Depends on the experience
I drank too much Guru and talked with @DanielKempe, one of the guy behind MakerMvp.com and I just built it. We know a lot of Makers and I know a lot of great places around the world... so I built it because that's something I would buy :) What do you think, @dredurr
Would I buy this? No... It is like a hackathon but the non-maker is paying for everything. A makers job is to go make the products, a hunters job is to go get the customers. @demoweb_co
@dredurr I understand your point. But the fees will be very low, because we have some great deals. So basically the Non-Makers pay just a little more for their trip in heaven and get their MVP built at the same time... So I think it's worth it...
@dredurr I've added some details about How it works on the page, check near the bottom of the page http://travelwithmakers.com/
@demoweb_co I like it much better now. Your copy is much clearer on why there is a difference. Paying a little more to have some one build my MVP for me makes it worth it.
@dredurr thx buddy, i really appreciate! I will add some pictures of the first villa tomorrow or saturday
I like the idea of going on a startup retreat, but if it was a maker/gatherer (hunter) party then I would pay. @demoweb_co
@dredurr Thats a great idea. I will think about it and post it on the landing page asap.
This is super cool! Am wondering about how you'd ensure people put in enough time so that the hunters feel they get their money's worth, though.
@yoavanaki Thanks for the question Yoav! We'll ensure each hunter gets an even share of the makers time. We will make a transparent calendar before we leave for the trip. My partners and I might also jump in and come (and pay, ofc) so we have more Makers, if needed. Since our network of Makers is growing, we'll also travel where we know 1 or more mMakers, so if we really need more Makers, they can jump in and help. Btw, we also limit to 1 participation / person a year.
@yoavanaki I had also this idea, idk if it makes sense to charge higher to someone with a project that would require more time / people... what do you think ?
@demoweb_co Sure! It would make perfect sense to guesstimate the time it would take to work on a founder's project and charge him/her accordingly.
@yoavanaki actually to be fair for everyone, we will limit the number of hours worked on an MVP to the same amout of hours for everyone. So the people with over-complicated people will have to drop some features. Anyway the first full day will be a brainstorming/planning day so makers and hunters check what should be the smartest MVP for each project.