Travel VR

Travel the world with a Vive or an Oculus Rift

My friend Damia, recently went on an around the world trip. She visited Japan, Australia, India, China, Nepal, North Korea and several other countries.

She learned about people's struggles and leared about their culture.

I was pumped to do the same. But all I had were $100 in my bank account and a VR headset. That's why I made Travel VR.

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Your product page and video are very opaque. Can you elaborate on what I might expect to do in this app ?
@josselinco When you start the app, you are flying in space like an astronaut. Then you can fly to any country you want to travel to. Once selected you see curated, 360 travel videos of that country.
How is this any different from Google Earth VR?
@theleovogel The two are totally different. This is all 360 videos. You feel like you are actually standing in Paris as opposed to watching a 3D model of Eiffel Tower.