Travel TXT

Discover things to do when you travel via SMS.

TraxelTxt is for those who love to discover things without loosing time on planning. Select the city you're going to visit and for only $1 receive a text message full of things to do, see and taste there on the day of your arrival.

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Great idea. It can be very useful, specifically for those people who don't like to spend time in reading through a guide. If I may ask, the information that you send in the txt message, are based on your own experience or the info are researched around the web? Suggestion, it would be a good idea, especially for new visitors, to see an example of a text message, like an image. Cheers!
@ddouble7 Hi Dario! Thanks for your feedback! Yes, the information come both from my own travel experience and from various blogs, to start. That's also why I invite everyone who would like to share their experience to become a writer and to get paid for that. Also, adding an example on the website is the n°1 request I had since yesterday so I'll definitely do it. Thanks again!
@simonrobic One last thing, how do you charge a person? After inserting the phone number they will be requested to pay?
@ddouble7 Exactly :) When you click on "Travel Txt Me" you have a payment form :)