Travel Score

Map the percentage you traveled in the world

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I also wish I could just pick countries not a square on the map.
@tkrones it seems a bit unfair if you only visited Moscow and then the app said you saw half of the landmass of the world... (which is Russia)... or you mean as an extra feature? Yeah the way it's designed is simple, and not based around how many countries but more on percentage (in pixels), which I like above the already existing ones doing countries.
But I will rephrase. The score is a nice idea. Unfortunately, navigating to find the squares you've been to is difficult, and the process of selecting squares is tedious for those who have travelled a lot. Improving the navigation and selection product would make this product much more useable, and thus useful.
@msitver great feedback. Would it help if every time you press a square it would force (i.e. by letting you wait for 5 secs haha) you to remember how it was to be there? :)
Wow, get outta my brain! ;) I was JUST pondering these exact same stats having finally experienced all seven continents! Great find @milann
@sixside haha ;) Me myself would be interested in where I was, where I am now and where I am going next, as a semi-professional travel blogger I would love to visualize this, and offer this to other travelers as well.
@milann someone just needs to create a mashup of this plus the new Google Timeline feature. Seriously though, if Travel Score would allow for importing of KML files, that would get ya ~80% of the way!
@sixside Great idea! I'll add that to the list of features for an updated version
This is so cool. Alotta clicking but then you have mapped your travel experience, in pixels :D
This is really cool! Wish you could save it to share with your friends.
@soroushg_ yeah true that ;) that would be a killer feature haha. I'm already talking with the maker on Twitter:
@milann @soroushg_ Saving your progress for the next site visit is definitely the most requested feature. I'll make that my number one priority once I find time to continue working on the project