Travel Curated

User curated directory of the best travel sites & tools

Travel Curated is a user curated directory of the best travel websites and resources. The TC community submits, comments, and votes upon each and every link - leading to an all in one travel resource website for you to plan your next travels!

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Hi folks! First off, cheers to @bramk for the hunt :) As a constant traveller I spend many nights searching through Google and blog posts looking for the best travel websites, resources, guides, hacks, etc. Over the course of the past couple years I’ve built up a bookmark folder that has grown to 200+ websites, it’s an absolute mess. Travel Curated is different from these other stack/stash sites because it is focused on the community - it is a USER curated and USER submitted directory, focused on the communities opinion of links (through upvotes, downvotes, discussion) rather than my biased personal view. I first noticed this sort of mechanism on the "Freelance Stack" from @matttbrown and Bonsai team. I took big inspiration from their website as I found myself visiting freelance stack 3-4 times a week whenever I needed a freelance related resource. This is exactly what I wanted to emulate with Travel Curated - a single website that brings together all of the best travel resources out there. This is my first side-project and am quite happy with the results so far, I hope you enjoy it and find some use out of the links :) Thanks everyone!
@bramk @patrickbolle looks good Patrick! One thing: on the submit page ( I'm redirected back to the homepage within 2 sec (iOS safari)
@ernstmul Woops! That's no fun. Are you logged in? Should direct you to login page if not logged in. Should be all fixed up now :)