Traveler’s guide during COVID-19

Wondering if you can travel?
All the info you need about your upcoming trips during COVID-19 in one place. Includes country entry/leave restrictions, COVID-19 status and flight cancellation policies.
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Hello 👋 ! We want to help travelers who have booked a trip in the next few days/weeks/months and who are wondering if they will be able to travel due to the different restrictions in each country. Also, to help travelers plan their holidays by giving them all the relevant information at the destination. Today we cover over 300 airlines and 30 countries and we are adding more every week. Our team is checking weekly for changes in restrictions and updating the information and providing links to the sources of information. 🚀 We'd love to get your feedback on how to help travelers navigate the COVID-19 uncertainty.
Easy to use very frendly and helpful
@ronibehar Thanks for the feedback!
Love the product! easy to use, complete information
@lhyna_m Thanks Lhyna!
Very useful and well done