Find nearby trashcans and stop polluting the environment!

This app locates public trash cans near you, so you can use them instead of polluting nature!
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Interesting. How do you locate the trash cans?
@prilutskiy It uses OpenStreetMaps' API to query the location and you can also add missing ones in the app!
Do you believe that someone who throws his trash in public settings will care enough to download your app? Honestly, I doubt it.
@luqa Fair point, though I still feel like it can make a difference if you have something that tells you there's a way to get rid of trash nearby.
Cool, the Disney Parks division has a similar implementation for their cleaning crew. They can remotely find out if a certain trash can is almost full and start making their way to replace it.
Great idea for dog owners and walkers! sometimes in new areas you can't find a place to drop off the bags