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Trapital is a newsletter about hip-hop business. Each week, Dan Runcie writes a story about the strategic moves that shape the industry. When most coverage on hip-hop business scratches the surface, Trapital digs deeper to explain the trends behind hip-hop's growing influence in society.

  • Khe Hy
    Khe HyActivating human potential

    One of a kind analysis on the biz of media, via the lens of hip hop


    Increased frequency, expanding out of hiphop to sports and fashion

    My favorite newsletter, and not just bc I'm a hip hop fan. Hip hop is on the bleeding edge of culture, and by extension business trends. Irrespective of your industry, the wisdom is expansive and highly practical. And Dan's a great writer

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  • Su Sanni
    Su SanniCEO, WeDidIt

    Deep coverage of music industry business news. Very well written and thorough reporting.



    Since subscribing, I look forward to Trapital posts like any other major news outlet. I've always been fascinated by the business side of the music industry. But Trapital seems to be the only outlet that covers it with credible detail.

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Dan Runcie
Dan RuncieMaker@runciedan · Trapital
Hey PH! I’m Dan, the founder and author of Trapital. I started Trapital because there was a lack of consistent quality writing on the business side of hip-hop. These artists are some of our most successful business leaders, but the coverage on them is usually focused on lists and announcements. As a freelance writer with a strategic partnerships background, I knew there was an opportunity for a new publication to help people better understand one of today's most influential industries. When these stories are done right, we can learn as much from Drake as we can from Elon Musk. Here are some early highlights on Trapital: * One of LinkedIn's Must-Read Series * Featured on Twitter's Best Music Writing in 2018 * Featured on MediaREDEF, Flipboard, and other publications that highlight top writing I would love any feedback you have. I’ll be around if you have questions!
Khe Hy
Khe Hy@khemaridh · Activating human potential
One of my favorite newsletters out there. I love hiphop (as consumer) but the business of hiphop is a “canary in the coal mine” for so many broader trends. Dans a great writer and he responds quickly to the news flow; definitely subscribe!
Kunal Tandon
Kunal Tandon@kunaltandon ·
Always a must read. The thoughtfulness of Dan's work is unparalleled. He always takes on stuff in such an interesting and unique way, one that I often don't think I would have arrived on my own. Really worth subscribing to, no matter what your level of interest in hip hop is.
Anuj Abrol
Anuj Abrol@anujvc
I look forward to every issue of Trapital. @runciedan is a talented author. He can take a complex topic and communicate in simple, yet fun ways. If you are a fan of hip hop, and also want to understand the business behind it, I recommend subscribing to Trapital!
Marc Herold Guirand
Marc Herold Guirand@marchg · Analyst
I'm generally a huge fan of Trapital - great topics and themes and lots of insights! I do have a recommendation ... What about creating a Slack Channel to drive engagement around the content amongst your subscribers and followers! This could be a community space devoted to hip-hop / business heads.
Dan Runcie
Dan RuncieMaker@runciedan · Trapital
@marchg Great idea, Marc. Definitely in the works for 2019