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TrapFi makes it easy for freelance developers to get paid per pull request. Freelance developers earn an average $90K per year, most of which is paid out weeks and months after the work is completed.

  • Larson Rogers
    Larson RogersTechnical Dynamics AX Consultant

    Dev freelancing just got a whole lot simpler!


    None as of yet.

    Particularly excited by the face that payments are tied to pull requests, this creates easily quantifiable and verified "units" of work. Anyone who's ever had to deal with stingy clients' complaints about billing knows how huge this is.

    The contract management solution also looks promising, especially the ability to delegate subtasks to other devs and allow clients to track the progress of the project.

    Looking forward to utilizing TrapFi and seeing how it grows!

    Larson Rogers has used this product for one day.
  • Marcus Davenport
    Marcus DavenportFounder & CEO at Fitly

    This looks like a great way for developers to manage freelance jobs!


    None at this time

    It sounds promising!

    Marcus Davenport has never used this product.
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Sromana Mukhopadhyay
Sromana Mukhopadhyay@sromana14 · Co-founder, ShufflUp
AAMAIZING! You guys are solving a real problem. Wish you all the luck!
Cameron Sadler
Cameron Sadler@deleted-381517 · Founder, NewCraft
@sromana14 Thanks!
Cameron Sadler
Cameron Sadler@deleted-381517 · Founder, NewCraft
Hi everyone, I'm Cam - one of the founders of TrapFi. Our goal with TrapFi is to solve 3 of the largest problems in freelancing over the next few years: 1. Finding Work 2. Getting Paid 3. Delegating Today, we're focused on #2 but you'll find some hints of #3 inside the product. We're launching TrapFi 2.0 because we're freelance developers who have felt the pain of waiting to get paid (slow cash flow) and awkward payment conversations with clients. Here's how TrapFi works: 1. Submit a pull request 2. Add your hours or fixed rate to the PR's comments 3. Get paid as soon as the pull request is approved 4. After the payout, we automatically generate updated invoices for you and your clients based on git Today, micro-agencies and freelance developers are using TrapFi to automatically generate invoices based on git activity (if your client is non-technical this can provide a ton of transparency) and to get paid per pull request (designed for granular work but also works for larger projects since you can add hours to the PR). I look forward to answering any questions and thank you in advance for feedback. We're also doing live walkthroughs and on-boarding around the clock today. If you have past due invoices and/or need any help with transitioning a contract to PRP, please shoot me an email at
That's a great idea! Will give it a try!)
Cameron Sadler
Cameron Sadler@deleted-381517 · Founder, NewCraft
@afanasiy Awesome, thanks Afanasiy!
Jiovan Melendez
Jiovan Melendez@jiovan · PM + dev, formerly @scan (acq. @snap)
This is great! Huge fan.
Cameron Sadler
Cameron Sadler@deleted-381517 · Founder, NewCraft
Thanks @jiovan!
Daksh Miglani
Daksh Miglani@daksh · 17, 🦄 Building something people want.
I'm confused, If I am a Developer and I want to find some contracts how would i do so?