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Handsfree way to save on speeding tickets

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Hello Product Hunt, and thank you @afkehaya for hunting TrapTap - A wireless speed trap indicator. I'm one of the makers of TrapTap here. Please send your questions if you have any. TrapTap was created to be the simplest way to remind everyone to slow down, while also helping avoid getting caught in a speed trap. There have been many apps that offer a similar experience, but along with texting and driving laws these days, they offer a dangerous driving experience. With TrapTap, we wanted to bring a solution that was not only more safe than an app, but also more legal than a radar detector (most cities). In North America, the average person spends over $300 each year on speeding tickets. TrapTap has pre-mapped all red light camera/speed traps and school zones in over 60 countries. For those hidden speed traps, mobile camera cars, and cop radar traps, it uses its community of users to help mark the location of these traps. Simply tapping on TrapTap will mark the location of each speed trap. Please let me know what you think. I look forward to connecting with each of you and hearing your feedback. We wanted to offer all Product Hunt members an exclusive offer on our Kickstarter. We wanted to give our sold out Crazy Bird Special tier to everyone here. Just pledge $100 CAD or $77 USD (includes shipping) to the 5 dollar tier level.
@bryce_north "In North America, the average person spends over $300 each year on speeding tickets. " — Hi, very interesting! Can't wait to try it. Also, I was wondering where did you get this from? Can you please reveal your source?
@shahinix Thanks for the support! Be happy to share. We took into consideration the average increased insurance premiums (11%-15%) along with the average ticket price of $152. Thanks, Bryce
@bryce_north Great! Thanks for the info. Good luck guys!
Curious why would someone use this as opposed to an established services like Waze?
@georgegayl Thanks for the comment. It is our intent to integrate with platforms like this in the future. We have received a lot of feedback from people who have mentioned that certain features offered from platforms like Waze can be complex and dangerous to interact with while driving. It takes anywhere from 5-12 seconds to log an incident on these apps, so we have taken a minimalist approach to this while driving.
Promo vid for Trap Tap on kickstarter is awesome :)
The product looks really cool. It's a tiny device that warns you if there is a speed trap ahead.
This thing looks pretty slick. Where does it work around the world?
@scottradamson Hey @scottradamson great question. We've mapped the red light cameras and school zones for over 60 countries and the variable spots are crowdsourced.