Build API-dependent applications effortlessly

Transposit empowers developers to build API-dependent applications effortlessly with the world's first API composition platform, bringing the power of a relational database to the ecosystem of APIs.
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I’m the co-founder and CTO of Transposit. Happy to answer any questions!
@kmonkeyjam who is your target customer/user/developer for this?
@chrismessina Our product is definitely focused on developers, and we think of the product more from a perspective of connectivity than what type of developer you are. So we've built a lot of connectors that we know developers like to use such as AWS, Google APIs, Github, etc (and we are listening to our users to determine where we should be adding new connectors). The use cases we've heard so far often fall into the category of workplace productivity, especially DevOps automation and making custom AWS workflows easier. We also see lots of use case where Transposit can be a better scripting solution because it's easy to turn what used to be a script into an app that has authentication, auditing, and a good UI to prevent accidental missteps.
Yay this is awesome! How has your experience at Twitter, Google, etc informed what you built?
@sm Thanks for the great question! At Twitter we had all these microservices in our platform that needed to communicate with each other. That resulted in each team having to write a ton of glue code to tie these all together. So I think a platform like Transposit would've allowed teams to stitch together all the data from the different services significantly faster and more robustly. And those were services that we controlled and didn't need to worry about authentication, etc! But honestly, a major influencer of Transposit was the work I did for you at Winnie, trying to help pull together data from different service APIs.
Have been testing the alpha version for a while now and I'm really impressed by the power this opens up. Very similar feeling to the first time I used Airtable - can't wait to dig in and build more!
Cool stuff, time to retire some scripts.
@andrew_littlefield Exactly what we like to hear! Definitely reach out to us if you have any questions or problems!