Use Slack's integrations in HipChat, Kato and Glip

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Hello fellow Hunters! I've been working on this idea for about a month now and I'm really excited to share it with you! Slack seems to be the leader in integrations, and the first one that everyone integrates with. However, there are plenty of people who choose to use (or don't want to change from) other platforms, such as @HipChat, @Kato_im, @TeamGlip, or others. But there's no reason why they shouldn't enjoy the same integrations that Slack users do, right? That's where Transposer comes in! Connect your chosen service to Transposer (instead of Slack), and then hook up Transposer to your chat system. It'll then seamlessly accept the message in Slack's format, and send it along to your chosen destination! Really looking forward to hearing your thoughts! You're the first ones to see Transposer, so let me know what you think either here, on Twitter (@manavo or @transposer_io) or via the feedback button on the site! As a thank you, if you upgrade, don't forget to use the code 'ProductHunt' to get 25% off for 6 months! :) Thanks, Phil
Hi @manavo, I like your idea. I only see 4 HipChat integrations now. Are you rolling them on a one-by-one basis, or is your service a universal "Slack to anything" translator? I also have to say that it costs almost as much a HipChat on itself..
@mmariansky Hey Matty! This would work with any service that allows Slack integrations. It is limited to 4 at the moment, since most of the services listed in Slack's integrations ( already have HipChat integrations. Also, there are some services that have a deeper integration with Slack, and don't have the flow of "add the integration, then copy the webhook URL and paste it here". Any service which does have that though, would work with HipChat (or Kato, or Glip). The pricing is very likely to change, it's a big part of the feedback I'm looking for. I just had to pick some numbers, but I highly doubt they'd be final. If you don't mind me asking, what cost would sound better to you? :) Thanks!
@manavo Thanks for your answer. The right pricing is a very good question, we ask ourselves the same. I mean, I might be paying for the service, paying for Slack/HipChat, but when does the Integration of the two become so valuable that I would pay for the bridge? Would be interested to learn what insights you come up with from your users.
@mmariansky Very true, and I guess this is what I'm about to find out one way or another :) Maybe people don't actually miss any integrations from Slack, and this is all pointless? Will definitely share the feedback I get overall regarding the pricing, and see if maybe this is just a $2/month service. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts Matty, the feedback is very much appreciated :)
@mmariansky also meant to ask, I'm guessing you use HipChat, if that's the one you were looking at? Is there an integration you had in mind that isn't listed? Stripe for example? Thanks!
@manavo We have our own Slack integration in dev. I thought of your service as an easy way to port into other chat plarforms. Maybe this is who will pay for your service - integrations makers!
Any possibility of Convo integration?
Great idea though btw.
@zee Hey Zee! Really glad you like the idea! Absolutely, don't see why Convo can't be added! I just picked the first 3 at random, just to try and launch a first version. Hopefully the next integrations will be picked by others (like yourself). I already have @groveio on my radar, so happy to add Convo to the list as well! (I'm assuming it's this you mean?