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Hi everyone! I'm Rafa, the maker of Transparent Startups. I'm always looking for Startup inspiration and I love learning from entrepreneurs that managed to build a growing and profitable tech startup, especially from those that started them as a side project. I truly believe in business transparency and I usually spend a lot of my spare time researching about it. There are a lot of bloggers that openly publish monthly income reports and a few aggregators of them but I couldn't find a similar place for actual Tech Startups with SaaS products. For that reason, I built Transparent Startups: to collect these businesses and founders that are embracing Transparency by sharing everything with the world, including their revenue numbers and growth journeys so others can learn and be inspired. I'd love to hear your thoughts!
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I'm very proud to be a part of one of these startups. This is a great way to highlight them and encourage others to follow their example!
@ntdb I bet you are! I follow Rand's blog and it's very impressive the level of transparency you guys have at Moz.
๐Ÿ‘ . Integrating with Crunchbase will make my day. Just having Buffer, Unbounce, and Mattermark covered on the website made it bookmark ๐Ÿ“• worthy!
@ashutosh508 Yes! These companies are a role model in Transparency - loving their journeys!
Interesting.I've always been keen to see what startups solving simple solutions are earning. It seems perfectly possible for a single developer to solve a simple solution and make a decent living from what I see.... How do you validate the data provided?
@anesu_fitzgerald_muzenda Most of the startups featured on the site publish on their blog revenue or growth reports on a monthly basis. On the "INCOME REPORTS" table, just below the charts, you could see the link to their reports for each month. Recently I implemented an admin Metrics Form to allow founders to manage their own figures every month. I've seen many of them started to use it to add Septembers' numbers. Thanks for your feedback!
The idea itself reminds me - but for startups. You've done a good job!
@edvinsantonovs Indeed Indie Hackers and Transparent Startups are similar but also very different as well. IH brings great inspiring one-time interviews with developers that are making a business from their passion. TS aims to be the place for startups and entrepreneurs that truly believe in transparency and are living this value from the heart, proving monthly follow-ups with real transparent revenue numbers and inspiring growth stories. Great thanks for your comment!
@rafapaez_ Yeah, I can definitely agree with that. Just subscribed to the newsletter, hopefully to see a lot of interesting stuff delivered to my email. Good luck with it.
@edvinsantonovs Many thanks mate. I'm still working on the newsletter but I can say there are two new startups about to be featured and a lot of fresh monthly updates coming!
@rafapaez_ I was gonna ask the same question. Solid answer!
Great, I hope you'll be able to collect more and more startups. Keep up the great work.
@csaba_kissi Thanks Csaba. I've just featured a new one!