File uploading & processing service for developers

Transloadit is an API for files. Our service handles file uploads and media processing such as video, audio, images, documents, web pages. By and for developers. Inventors of and Bootstrapped in 2009, profitable since 2012. All about open source. Customers include The New York Times and Coursera.

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File storage and manipulation could be costly. This service allows you to outsource file processing. It gives you a complete set of API to store your file and to edit them. You can do Image manipulations, Audio and Video encoding, edit documents and so on. It also has a free plan, that make it worth a try. A similar hunted product could be "UploadCare" (
Hi all, co-founder here. Fraid I'm late to the Product Hunt party, but Transloadit has been active since 2009, trying to build a sustainable uploading & encoding business around our open source projects such as tus ( and Uppy ( We're a globally distributed team of developers looking to take on some of the biggest challenges in this space. Ask me anything!