With built-in Translator, you can write in your native language and get instant translation in any language you want.

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Hi Hunters! 👋 I’m excited to have my project hunted here. When chatting with someone in a foreign language, it may always annoys you when you can’t find the exact word to use since after all it is not your mother tongue. Because of that, you have to switch between IM Apps and translation app from time to time. Not just time-consuming, but also extremely tedious and dreadful. Admittedly, there are several applications on the market that seem to be able to solve this issue. However, we know that almost all of these apps are crude designed which user experience and stability are lower than your expectation. Translator Keyboard is designed to solve this problem– the exclusive combination of translation and keyboard together. With the world's leading Google Translation Engine and our advanced keyboard development technology, we can guarantee the quality of translation as well as the smoothness and stability of keyboard typing at the same time. Translator Keyboard is committed to developing the best solution to translation issues when chatting in order to help people be more confident and comfortable when using foreign languages. The features of Translator Keyboard are listed as follows: -Translate as you type: Type in your native language and get the translation instantly with built-in translation. No app switching needed. And it can be used in any app - writing text messages, sending emails, or anywhere you like. -Supports 100+ languages: You can choose any target language you want. The built-in Google Translator engin can understand the context better and translate more accurately. -Powerful Keyboard: AI-based typing engine developed by world-class R&D team, supports 50+ language. More than 10 optimizations are made to perfect typing experience. The typing will be seamless and easy from start to finish.
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Great job!! 😊 Could this be made for Windows 10 default keyboard?