Translator Keyboard

iOS app translates as you type into one of 44 languages

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Hi Guys, thanks for your interest in Translator Keyboard! @ricburton Yes, unfortunately there were quite a few one star reviews for version 1.0. As is always the way with these things, there is generally a few teething issues which only come to light once they're released in to the wild. There were a few issues that only affected selected languages, and were unfortunately not caught during testing. I only speak English myself, so have had to rely somewhat on the feedback of people who have purchased the app to ensure correct behaviour in all 44 languages. I've been working hard though, drinking far too much coffee, and sleeping far too little, but version 1.0.1 is now available on the App Store. v1.0.1 resolves most of the initial issues, and I'm glad to see some really positive 4 and 5 star reviews coming in for the app! On the whole, I've had a lot of positive feedback, and many people have submitted features requests, and suggestions for improvements to the app. Version 1.1 is currently in development, which will include some commonly asked for new features, along with refinements to the UI. I'm hoping for it to be available within the next few weeks. Steve (Developer of Translator Keyboard)
@stevebarnegren I'm excited about this. consider me an early adopter. How do I get in touch with you? I love this. to be more specific, I love learning languages. I've studied over 40 languages out of pure curiousity. This app to me, is worth about $100. Thank you!!!! Slavic, indo-european... and a few more.
@stevebarnegren @ricburton Dude, I am so sorry about those early reviews. I have to say this keyboard feels like magic when it works. Can't wait for 1.1 to drop!
Excellent, more utilitarian use case for iOS 8 third-party keyboards than the wealth of emoji and GIF keyboards we've seen on PH the past few weeks (which I also like). It won't be long before people across different languages can communicate digitally. Of course there are cultural differences that can't simply be translated, and this makes me even more curious to see how these social interactions play out as the world becomes more connected.
@rrhoover I had a flashback with all the emoji apps. During my Arabic spin in college, I had an Egyptology class and began thinking about the similarities between hieroglyphics and emojis. I think it's an interesting parallel. I did a 25 country trip last year and this Translator Keyboard app would have come in handy. We're just at the beginning of this, but it's very exciting.
"Translator Keyboard allows you to write in another language straight from your keyboard! It’s quick and easy to switch between translator keyboard and your normal keyboard. You can use translator keyboard in any app - write text messages, send e-mails, or translate your text to another language anywhere anywhere you like."
Sad to see the majority of reviews are 1-star and seem fairly legitimate. It's a such a great idea.