Translate Now - AR

Translate the world around you in Augmented Reality

Translate Now is the world’s first app that translates objects and text using Augmented Reality.
Translate Now's AR-feature delivers immersive, engaging experiences that seamlessly blend virtual translations of 75+ languages with the real world.
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Hi Hunters! 👋 As passionate travelers and developers, communicating with other people while traveling was and still is an essential part of our journey. It helps you get by when you’re lost or need help in finding your hotel, and simply creates unforgettable memories and valuable experiences. However, meeting new people when you travel, may not always be easy. Even if you are not too shy and have no problem starting a conversation, there is always a language barrier that you need to overcome. Our mission is to break down those language barriers and to empowers language learners and explorers everywhere to communicate with people in any corner of the globe. With this purpose we created the Translate Now app, which provides the following features: ✅ Voice and text translation into 110+ languages ✅ Camera translation ✅ Translator Keyboard ✅ Conversation Mode ✅ Apple Watch ✅ Object and text translation in Augmented Reality😎!!! Thanks for checking out Translate Now! We’d love to hear your feedback as we continue to improve our product.
Nice to see it here! I mean as our first jump into bringing AR to a translator app, it has been a nice to understand how we can have different approaches of AR in our daily life. I would like to hear what the community have to say about the combo Translator+AR. Since I understand that AR could be the next big thing of user interface, this first step might give us some preview about what is coming up! Nice preview of the features: