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Transitory is my favorite location sharing app. It's so much easier than apps that force you to create an account or require the other person to download the app to see where you are. Plus I like that it's anonymous and temporary. It's really functional. Does what it's supposed to do without clutter. I use it at least once a day.
Even though this is a new app, I've already used it a bunch of times. A friend and I were throwing a surprise party for someone and watched his second-by-second progress to the door so we could shout "surprise!" Another time, a friend was on vacation and sent me a Transitory so I could see where she was, which really cool. A week or two ago I was out with a group of people and someone was trying to meet up. One of the girls was on the phone giving a ton of directions "no, we're going to 16 Handles, no, on this street, no, we're over here, no, where are you?" and it was driving me nuts. I was like, "OMG stop it! Why doesn't everyone just use Transitory??"
This is cool. It's like snapchat for your location. Share a map of where you are that will self destruct after a specific amount of time.
Hi Product Hunt community! I'm Shaun (, a recent graduate of the MIT Media Lab and the founder / developer behind Transitory! With all the concerns these days about online privacy and the desire for the internet to "forget", there has been a greater and greater need for "ephemeral" applications that provide the benefits of social sharing but also guarantee that your data doesn't live forever. That's why I felt it was important to create something like Transitory. With no accounts and only one big button to tap, its a safe, free, simple, and anonymous alternative to those always-on location sharing apps like Apple's Find My Friends, or Facebook's Nearby Friends. Check out our video, too! Like all good internet videos, it's got a cute puppy in it.