Take a nap on commute without missing your stop!

Ever wanted to take a nap on your commute to school, work or home, but you were afraid you would oversleep and miss your stop? With Transitnap you can safely take a nap and be woken up near your destination!

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Founder & CEO, Hustle Crew
This is a genuine fear of mine, I've even set alarms on train journeys before. What a handy product 😴 👏🏽
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Product Pearson
Product Manager @ Property4Media
I see this type of app pop up in some form at least once a year. Never seems to be massive enough to last though.
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Daveyon Mayne
Founder @
Not many people sleep on the bus; a bus is normally a short trip ride. Longer ones are coaches with its final destination so everyone gets off. Just a heads up, Google Maps once had it and they pulled it. All the best with this. Oh, I'm sure this relies on location, this can be buggy at times.
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Nicholas Sheriff
Founder, Medic Ventures
@mirmayne @hroland_ @mirmayne Very true Daveyon but he could actually expand to countries where Google maps isn't really being used ( doesn't have the exciting brand that it does in the us ) in Europe and they bus more than we do, of course this appears to be an mvp. So could really just be a fun project but there are ways of expanding this to offer more value for the Billions of people outside of the US. Also as far as location plenty of Apis exist to solve the battery, latency, and buggy location issues of 2005. This could actually be an "experiment" to gather data/test accuracy for something else. Would love to hear more on this.
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Michael Sitver
I build things
This is brilliant for us nighthawks. Not sure I'd trust it if missing my stop was high-stakes, but nonetheless a really cool idea
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Brian Lee
code monkey @ theymadethat
Does it take into account tunnels yet? ie spots with dead zones
Roland Horváth
19yo developer, designer, WWDC scholar
@kay0stheory If you have Wake on warning enabled, it waits 200 seconds to wake you up without GPS, most tunnels don't last longer than that :)
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