Real-time transit data and a bot to help you commute

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Kunal Bhatia
Co-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp
Transit introduced a crowdsourced data feature to their app (like Waze, but for public transportation) to augment data from transit agencies to make your commute smoother. They also have a bot called GO to remind you when to leave for the bus, when to get off, and if you need to hurry to make your connection. I particularly love what they've done to show how many people you're helping by keeping their app open during your commute! You can read about the latest release and their plans to bring better transit data to your city (Montreal and Victoria right now, NYC, SF, Boston, Chicago, LA, London, Paris, Rome, Toronto soon):
Transit is one of my favorite apps and makes my life easier in San Francisco 🚊 🚎
Gezim HoxhaFounder, CommerceOwl
I love TransitApp! I use it daily when I commute.
Chase StubblefieldMicromobility Industries
I work in the industry, and Transit App is definitively #1. Leaders in thought, design, product, features, really everything. Really pulling for this team.
Aleh Tsikhanau
Product designer & entrepreneur
Nice, similar to but doesn’t have automatic touring