Animated icons, symbols and buttons using SVG and CSS

Animated symbols and buttons packaged for Sass & CSS. We also provide a builder that gives developers the ability to select their preferred Transformicons and output for finer control.

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Houston, we have a problem. "Application Error. An error occurred in the application and your page could not be served. Please try again in a few moments. If you are the application owner, check your logs for details."
@emmestandsfor Thanks Houston :) Read my comment below regarding this.
First, let me say thanks to everyone that's involved with the project and has helped me reach the point it's at currently (PS contributors are always welcome) I'd also like to respond to the application error some are getting. Because this project is Open Source I don't take a dime out of my pocket for any costs; meaning everything it uses is free. Heroku dynos appear to sleep at times and that may be why some experience the application errors (we deploy to Heroku if you didn't catch that). I'm always willing to have investors or even contributors willing to help with hosting costs (AKA sponsors). The game plan for the future: Since I already wrote about this I invite everyone to read my post explaining a bit about this project, why it lives and where I want it to go.
@gryghostvisuals I supposed they were sleeping dynos fault :) no worries, the comment was intended to notify you that. Awesome work btw, I love it!
@emmestandsfor Thanks Marco. Maybe I'll reach out to Heroku this week for assistance :)
very very cool! next gen icon fonts!
@stefanritter appreciate it. That's hopefully the idea :) \m/
Added to my Free Icons collection:
@anujadhiya awesome list
@anujadhiya great collection!
@stttories Super Cool of you to say, Tori :)
@milann Simple and to the point…I like it ;)