Transform 2.0

A polyglot web converter

#2 Product of the DayJuly 21, 2019
It's often a pain to convert data manually. This tool makes it easier to do convert data like JSON, HTML, GraphQL, Rust, Go, Scala etc.
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Few years ago I saw that my colleagues hated writing the propTypes in React applications and the reason was that it was too much of manual effort. Even though it was important, the effort was too much especially for writing them for huge JSON responses. So I created a tool to convert JSON to React PropTypes and open-sourced it. Soon with some more effort and the community contribution, the number of transformations kept increasing. Today I am launching transform 2.0 with 40+ transformations. It has been rewritten from scratch and includes many new features like snack integration, settings panel, cleaner UI and many more new transformers.
@ritz078 Congrats, I love the idea and the implementation.
Can you eat snack with it?