Buy and sell side-projects featured on Product Hunt

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Katy Maradona
I know! I should sell Transferslot using Transferslot to prove the model! What do you think? @jonathan_rechtman @3raxton @nadermx @chrismessina @ramykhuffash @hnvcam @rohillion @liquidchickenqq
Artur Arseniev
@artur_arseniev · Creator of GrapesJS
Cool idea, but it'd be better charge once the project is sold, you know, "you win, we win" model :)
Katy Maradona
Hello Product Hunters. A few weeks ago with my colleagues we decided to sell our side project Bookcelerator (was featured here also) and i asked makers i know if they want to sell some of their projects too. There are 11 on my list right now. So i made a simple site with a tagline «Buy / sell projects featured on Product Hunt». I think there are a lot of… See more
@ramykhuffash · Front-end web dev & side project addict
Chatted about doing something like this with @FredRivett a while back. So glad y'all decided to build this! Makes so much sense and could grow into a more product focussed Flippa. Will probably use at some point. I think in the long term, the key will be keeping the quality of both the products and the buyers high so it doesn't end up as a marketplace for b… See more
Csaba Kissi
@csaba_kissi · Developer & maker of Hunter Analysis
Something interesting for side-projects fanatic like me 😏 . BTW: how do you verify revenue?