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Everything we do in Spendee is meant to make people money management less stressful and less time consuming. Introducing transfers will make it even more straightforward. Say goodbye to a complicated way of recording movements across your wallets. You can now easily track movements between your wallets and/or bank accounts. Welcome Transfers!

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Hello, Product Hunt family, Thank you Kevin for the Hunt! I am really excited to announce that, after a lot of hard work from the whole team, we are introducing another great Spendee feature today. Spendee has been helping people to get their finances into shape for some time already. What started as a simple expense tracker for a small group of people has grown into a personal finance app that brings beauty to finance of hundreds of thousands of users from almost every country in the world. You might remember us from our previous campaigns here on Product Hunt - for instance when we introduced our web app As you might know, last year, we introduced an integration with bank accounts, E-wallets and crypto wallets allowing everyone to manage their financial flows from one place. This not only makes money management much easier, but it also saves time on what is really important in your life. Today, we are extremely happy to announce that we are introducing TRANSFERS between wallets and/or bank accounts. Transfers enable our users to label transactions that involve any money movement across their Spendee wallets and/or bank accounts. It is really handy for people who connected all their bank accounts to Spendee and want to record transferring money across their accounts (e.g. from checking to saving account.) It is also handy for people who often withdraw money from ATMs and manually input those cash transactions in Spendee. In this case, Transfers will make sure that the amount of withdrawal will not be duplicated, thus keeping your analytics accurate. @davnev @jakubsechter @michallangmajer, myself and the rest of the team would love to get some feedback – and I’m happy to answer questions. As this is quite a big deal for us, more feedback, the better :) Also use this promo code: “Hunters” and redeem Spendee Premium for a month for free to try it out. (to redeem the code, go to: Best, Johana
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Spendee has changed the way that I look at my money and helped me get my finances under control for a long time. I asked them for a transfer feature a little while ago and am so glad that they listened! Great job guys, I'm looking forward to what comes out next!


Makes a great app even better!



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Thanks a lot Gordon, for a nice review, we are excited that you like this feature!

I have been using Spendee for more than a year and I love it! I was waiting for this feature so I am super happy that they finally released it :) Keep up the good work!


Easy and practical!



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Thanks Eliska, we appreciate your kind words. Enjoy it!
Great app! Just what I am looking for. I have one questions tho: What's this kind of sorcery!? How you are able to connect to all those banks? What API provider do you use? Great work again! 🔥
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@dreamture Thanks a lot for you feedback, we are happy that you like it. It depends on the bank - some of the banks we are connecting directly through their API without any provider, some of them we have connected through SaltEdge aggregator. Hope that answer your question :) Thanks again for your kind words, the whole team, appreciates it.

Spendee has been an essential part of my everyday life for more than a year now. It helped me get a better insight on where my money goes and the Transfer feature is definitely something that will only improve the experience. Good job, Spendee team! :)


Helps me get an even better overview of my personal finances.


None that I can think of.

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Thanks Nela for your feedback, we are happy to hear that.