TransferCrane (formerly MagicPay)

The fastest way to collect credit card payment from anyone

TransferCrane (formerly MagicPay) is the fastest way to collect credit card payment. Please visit to access service.



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NB@navinbarathwaj · Startup Enthusiast, Tech Geek
The product seems really interesting from the screenshots. I'm curious to understand the rationale behind the idea, that this product is looking to solve for consumers that current apps arent, and also the concept of the payment link expiring. i'm assuming it is to prevent duplicate transactions by mistake? or is there more to it? If my assumption is right, i'm curious to know the percentage of people that was estimated to have been making such erroneous transactions in the US (global figure also works).
Colin Toh
Colin TohMaker@p0larboy · Javascript Developer at 2359 Media
@navinbarathwaj the product was born out of a need for a super quick way to collect ad-hoc one-time credit card payment. Let's say you are a ecommerce owner who receives a custom order that needs a special pricing. You can either create another product within your ecommerce store for that one-time special payment or you can just go to magicpay to get a payment link. Think of it like a snapchat for credit card payment, if that make sense.
Etienne Lamotte
Etienne Lamotte@etienne_lamotte · UX Designer
Interesting but a proper landing page even a small one could be nice. Actually it's only auth process without any much informations on the product not so inviting for new customers.
Colin Toh
Colin TohMaker@p0larboy · Javascript Developer at 2359 Media
@etienne_lamotte added more screenshot at the home page
Aaron Myers
Aaron Myers@amyers · eCommerce Guy
Would love if you'd add Braintree!