Free one-way rental cars for flexible travellers

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This looks really promising! Focused on the West coast (golden triangle for now).
@kjemperud thanks Thomas! We are starting to see cars all along the West Coast now. East Coast coming soon!
I get the solution behind this but most car rental companies have this available ..not sure if solving any real pain point..
@acondurache In my experience trying to book a one way retinal is an exercise in frustration: it's up to each local retinal affiliate to decide if they allow it, and even then they may restrict which drop off point they'll allow. One way rentals also have a significantly higher rental rate.
@acondurache absolutely! This has been available for decades. We just gather all of them in one place for you!
@joshpuetz all the cars are $5 /day or less. Most are free. It's the rental car companies listing them directly on our site so no more frustration. But you have to go the specified route.
We are now nationwide.
Looks very cool. The challenge that this would have over ZipCar is that it doesn't include gas or toll booths etc. so it has a bit more friction.
@_jacksmith Zipcar you pay for, and it is a return rental. Zipcar cost money. Our cars are super cheap, most are free.
@espengrimstad yep - I get that. I think it's a good idea, but was just stating that ZipCar including the gas and toll etc makes it more frictionless. Some people may prefer to pay just to avoid the friction. how do you guys make money?
@_jacksmith the rental car companies decides what to include per listing. They can choose between gas, road toll, insurance, ferry and other expenses. If they urgently need the car transferred they are likely to include more. The companies pay us a fee for each driver we provide.
I would love for this to be available in the NYC <-> Boston route.
@mhdempsey east coast trips are coming soon. Register to subscribe to new trip notifications, you can specify the routes there!