A great audio to text tool for journalists

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As the saying goes, the proof of the pudding is in the eating - I saw a journalist raving about this on Twitter the other day.
I use ExpressScribe for desktop, but the editor here at Upstart loves Transcribe.
Hey everyone - Transcribe is a pet project of mine (and a friend's). Pleasantly surprised to see it on Product Hunt!
@kishorelive what made you want to create this??
@eriktorenberg We had some audios to transcribe and existing tools were mostly desktop based and we thought there should be a web based tool.
@eriktorenberg @kishorelive What is your pricing model and would you provide API for integrating with other tools?
Feature suggestion: Make it possible to transcribe media without uploading (e.g. youtube, dropbox, etc). Just type in the link, does this quiet well :)
@Ramin Good idea. We will work on that.