Affordable Human mp3 Transcription

I think you should offer a sample for free. I wanted to test it out so I uploaded a 20 second mp3 but then it wanted me to spend $0.91 for the transcript. Also, you really should support more than just .mp3 files. Quicktime, for example outputs .m4a files by default.
@joshuapinter Thanks for the feedback, let me see what I can do that fits in the cost model.
Pretty cool! The one thing here would be the turnaround times. 7 Days is a long time. People spend more money for quicker turnarounds. Good luck with the service.
@jacquesvh Thanks. I might toy with having a 'rush delivery' option for more money. I'm still learning about the economics of using distributed workforces work on my tasks, but I think there's a good case for this being a worthwhile addition to the product.
@owocki well, give me a shout when you've worked out a faster delivery method. I might have a few hundred transcripts for you monthly. There are a few more conditions in terms of formatting that would be required, but could always be worked on. Cheers
@jacquesvh Neat. Mind shooting me an email with your delivery and formatting requirements and I'll see what I can do? twitter => @owocki or email = ksowocki [at] gmail