Converse w/ the deaf, w/o sign language (pre-launch)

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These guys have an amazing story. Their video is a must watch!
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It works by catching conversations from the voices of different individuals and assigning them a color bubble so the deaf person knows who said what. It works with a distributed microphone system on all the devices using the app so that it can distinguish each person from another. It then translates those words and starts jotting them down in real time on the app. The deaf and hard of hearing can then read what is going on as it happens.
Great video guys (gave me chills). Incredible progress so far!
Hey, I'm the Founder and CEO of Transcense. We're so excited to be on ProductHunt, HN and Techcrunch today. I'd be happy to answer any questions here! :)
@t_duchemin other than supporting the indiegogo campaign -- how else can we help?
@nealrs @t_duchemin Hi Neal, a great way would be to raise awareness of this problem. We wrote articles on it, at So many people take this as granted, the status quo is a real challenge here. You can email me for more follow up questions here: Thanks!
I really liked the video! I didn't realize that even with hearing aids, deaf people still had a hard time understanding conversations, so this is a pretty innovative solution.