Transform Ideas Book

Step-by-step guide to go from idea to software product

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Gonna start reading this book tonight. 📚💛
@nikkielizdemere awesome! I will also be hosting a few hangouts this month and next for people who bought the book. you'll receive details soon :)
@poornima Perfect! That sounds fun. Looking forward to it.
I'm super interested in how people are marketing quality non-fiction books these days. Think Tim Ferris's work over the past decade has been a huge catalyst. Obviously the way Nir and Ryan have marketed Hooked as a "product" is another example. Interesting to see authors innovate not just on their book content and writing style, but complimentary content, forums, mailing lists, torrents, etc. Oh yeah, and this book looks awesome !
@basche42 Thanks a lot! I definitely took the time to study and learn from tim, @nireyal & @rrhoover :) Hooked is a great read.
congrats on the launch Poornima! excited to dig in. A couple q's: 1) if you only had a couple sentences to explain to someone the philosophy present in your book, what would it be? 2) What was your thought process in self-publishing and how did you market your book?
@eriktorenberg I chose the self-published because I wanted to get it out there ASAP. Regular publishing can take 18 months, that doesn't work for this fast femgineer :D Basically applied what I knew about launching software products to book publishing. Also chose the self-published route to retain all royalties. I have a Lean Product Development course that is based off of it, and want to be able to cross reference the two without asking for permission. Finally, the book is part cookbook + anecdotes from my life and other founders. I wanted to have full freedom to have an authentic voice. I wanted it to be more personable than what's out there. Being new to self-publishing I learned everything I could from @NathanBarry, Nathalie Arbel, and @shiran_sanjeewa :)
@eriktorenberg The book is heavily based on lean methodologies, but it goes a step further by giving you exercises for how to validate an idea, and explores other concepts like recruiting a technical team and fundraising. I kept hearing from my students and others that they were struggling with the question of what to do next and when to do it. So I decided that I wanted to write a book that was little more practical from what's on the market today plus add a dose of fun with personal anecdotes!
@poornima love it. what's next for Femgineer?
@eriktorenberg planning for a speaking tour spring 2015, and then new curriculum around rapid prototyping
I taught in @poornima's Lean Product Development course – which this book is based upon – and her insights into product development have been incredibly useful for my own business! They have really helped me think with more focus on serving the right target customer with the right target need, without wasting time and energy.
@kadavy Thanks a lot David for the kind mention! I've also included some of your teachings on design positioning and evaluating the competition's design into the book to help people figure out how to differentiate their product.