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There's a good discussion w/ Trance's co-founder, @marwanurm, in this pre-launch post by @staringispolite from a few months ago. I love watching people dance and occasionally lean back to 5by's dance channel.
Hi Ryan and thank you for featuring us! I am Julien Altieri, one of the co-founders of Trance. Yesterday was crazy!
Thanks @rrhoover. Happy to answer any questions!
Hey guys, thanks for stopping by to chat about Trance! I've been really digging the app. Most of my dance friends are on it (since most of my dance friends are from Emerson's network :) and it's really cool to see them using it. I had a theory people would share more in a dedicated community than they do on Instagram. Does that seem to be happening? And how do you see Trance fitting in to dancer's lives in various ways going forward?
Thanks Jonathan! We've been getting overwhelmingly positive response, and I think your theory does hold. For example, we have a dancer who has been on Trance for a bit over a month, and he has uploaded 20 videos on Trance already, when he has 24 videos on YouTube total that he uploaded for over a year. Dancers know that everyone on the platform is here for a love of dance, and they aren't in the same pool with videos of cats and cute babies for instance. (Well, maybe, if they are dancing). We see Trance as a place for entertainment for everyone - you can be on the bus to work and just watch short and beautiful videos in the meantime. Good question about dancers. We see dancers using this as a fun place to share what they do with not just other dancers, but friends and family and dance enthusiasts. We also see it helping them get a following outside their local communities. Additionally, we see Trance spreading the idea of "dance anywhere" - a large number of our videos are dancers dancing outside in beautiful places. We want people to view the world as their dance floor and say "Oh I want to dance here right now" anywhere.